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Prize Prince Don Juan Manuel.

Notapor ACESUR » 03 Jun 2016, 17:11

Very good to everyone:
The Andalusian hunting Federation (FAC) and the South Cetrera Association (ACESUR) established last year in the Cetreras days of Andalusia, the "Prince Don Juan Manuel" distinction as thanks to the work, for those people who have contributed in the dissemination of falconry.
The first edition, began granting this distinction to the more relevant figure of the Spanish falconry; with the award posthumously in Dr. Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente.
We want to thank ACESUR and FAC, with great sincerity, the deference which had Mrs. Marcelle Parmentier, collect personally such prize, while treating us face-to-face, with its admirable experiences.
Falconry, Intangible Cultural heritage of humanity, does extend our "Prince Don Juan Manuel" distinction so ACESUR and FAC, have decided to grant the present award to Dr. Nick Fox.
We take this communication to thank Dr. Fox, having accepted such prize, representing for us a great honour by having his presence at our next Conference.
Similarly, we would like to thank D. Fernando Feás Costilla, have accepted as a mediator in the efforts made.

A greeting
Francisco Ramírez López
Pte. acesur.

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